Do You Look Forward to Going to Work on Mondays?

Are you excited about where your organization is headed? Can you clearly see the goals you and your team have for your business? Do they have purpose, and is everyone committed to reaching them?

Or do you dread Mondays, knowing that your inbox will be filled with problems, fires to put out, unhappy employees?

Having a Clear, Exciting Mission along with Guiding Principles is one of the most powerful things you can do for your company. The most important job of any leader is to show up at work every morning and point toward a distant horizon that tells people where they are all going.

What Goes Into a Great Mission Statement?

An effective Mission Statement opens a story loop, which can only be completed by fulfilling the mission.

It is Memorable. It is Tangible. It contains: 

  • Goals, which are challenging but achievable;
  • A Deadline; and
  • A Reason Why
‘We will replace roofs on 250 homes, doubling our revenue to $2.5 million, by December 31 of this year, because people deserve the confidence of living in a home knowing that the roof won’t leak.’

When every team member Knows the Mission, Understands the Mission, and Buys Into the Mission, they will work together to resolve anything in the way so they can Achieve the Mission.

Mission Statement Workshop: $5,000

The Mission Statement Workshop consists of a 6-hour workshop with your leadership team, plus 6 follow-up check-ins. 

In the workshop we will develop a Mission Statement that will serve as a beacon for your team, as well as a list of three Key Characteristics of your team members, and three Critical Actions for them to take on a daily or weekly basis.  

After the workshop you will ponder what you have come up with for a few days, share it with others to get feedback, test it out. We want to be sure that all parts are the best, that you and your team can commit to them for a significant time period. 

Once you are confident of all of the parts it is time to Announce the Mission, Key Characteristics, and Critical Actions to the entire team. This is to be done with Great Fanfare! Every employee should be able to repeat the Mission, and understand its Purpose. These should be posted prominently, and should be reviewed often – at least weekly. Keeping these at the top of everyones’ minds is what will drive your success.

After the announcement, a series of 5 monthly follow-ups will serve to ensure that the process is working well, and to address any challenges that arise.

What does that mean for your business?

For your business to operate effectively and to grow you need every aspect of your operation to run optimally. That means a great set of products or services which bring great value to your customers, sales and marketing that informs them and motivates them to buy, delivery of your wares, cash flow to ensure everyone gets paid, and an operational system to run it all.

That is a tall order, and it takes a lot of focused effort from everyone on your team. The Best, First thing you can do is Start With a Mission. This will engage and empower everyone to start working toward your goals.

There are plenty of other steps that can be taken: Business Assessment; Management & Operations Structure; Personal Development; and many more. But your best first step is to Start With a Mission.

What you will gain from Stirling Consults Coaching

A Clear Business Strategy

A customized plan for streamlining your operations and improving employee engagement.

A Sense of Purpose

A clear Mission Statement that everyone in your organization knows by heart and uses as a guide to their daily work.

Engaged Employees

People working together as a team, inspired by a common Purpose and aware that everyone else is as motivated as they are.

Business Profitability

A more streamlined operation in every sense: leadership; products; sales & marketing; overhead; and financial.

Respect in Your Organization

People appreciate leaders who inspire them, who give them a sense of purpose, and who make their lives better.

A Life of Purpose

Your business is an important part of your life, but it isn’t your entire life. Create time for yourself, for daily joy and fulfillment.